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Leverage evolv expertise and Snowflake to make better business decisions, quickly; improve productivity and agility; increase product innovation; and gain new business insights and opportunities.

As a Snowflake Premier Services Partner, evolv brings a fresh perspective and approach to modern data and intelligence challenges by leveraging the experience of our team members and Snowflake’s Data Cloud. We help clients scale their existing data systems through cloud-first solutions to drive outcomes faster and more efficiently. With our refined, iterative methodology, we deliver solutions that enable intelligent, data-driven decisions through the implementation of effective data strategy, modern data architectures and cloud technologies. Our Team’s experience and expertise help businesses harness the power of the Data Cloud, automating data pipelines, eliminating data silos and building sustainable data ecosystems to drive world-class analytics reliably and securely.

We have built a team of data experts, thought-leaders and consultants with varied backgrounds and perspectives to lead our clients through decision making, implementation and future-proofing in an ever-changing environment. Led by chronic disruptors and continual learners, evolv’s Snowflake architects and engineers bring knowledge from working with The Fortune 10, start-ups in their infancy, and clients at all stages of their cloud adoption journey.

Areas of Focus

Data Engineering

Data Lake

Data Warehouse

Data Science

Data Applications

Data Sharing

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