navigate the dynamic technology landscape with confidence

At evolv, we partner with our clients to align their technology with their business objectives, driving tangible, sustainable growth. We craft tailored strategies, streamline legacy systems, and design thoughtful, effective user-friendly adoption plans to maximize on your investments. Our forward-thinking approach expertly navigates modernization and industry-regulated compliance, putting people first and using technology as a catalyst for potential.

our technology strategy capabilities

drive transformation while remaining steady in a climate of change

modernization planning & vendor selection​

Stay ahead of the curve with cloud data architecture, turnkey migrations, vendor procurement, and new product road mapping.

centralized program management​

Analyze your organizational structure and resource alignment to set a change management plan in motion.

process & operating model transformation​

Reconstruct team organization and internal workflows for optimal collaboration and output. Introduce team trainings on industry best practices.

enterprise architecture​

Assess the design and structure of your organization's current IT systems, applications, and processes and identify areas of optimization.

transformation strategy & road mapping​

Devise scalable and sustainable tactics for implementing digital transformation across your entire organization.

operating cost efficiency​

Analyze the efficiency of your current tech stack and leverage the results to increase profitability across your organization.

user adoption​

Identify any hurdles for successful user adoption by testing and analyzing user interactions with new technology.

governance & compliance​

Protect user data, systems, and networks thanks to our close partnerships with leading tech partners across a variety of industries.

technology roadmap​

Create a plan to modernize your current IT systems according to internal workflows and identify opportunities to streamline technology.

our success

we turn data into actionable outcomes, just as we did with our client, Sofi

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reduction in report load in the initial pilot

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user adoption growth in one year


products & business units enabled with insights

evolv partners

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digital product development

We’ll aid in transforming your ideas from inception to execution, working alongside your team on process definition, testing, launching new offerings, and regular monitoring and maintenance.

emerging technologies

Our expert team utilizes proven strategies from design to implementation, ensuring you confidently remain at AI’s forefront. We’ll use our speed-to-value framework to optimize your current systems and match you with the ideal solutions for your business goals.