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DBJ Women in Business Awards 2023 Event

This June, evolv proudly sponsored and attended the 2023 Women in Business Awards hosted by the Dallas Business Journal. This was the first in-person gathering for this event since 2019. The theme for this year’s event was “Empower. Evolve. Excel.” (no pun intended!) and featured over a dozen inspiring speakers who are making significant strides for women in business and beyond.

One of our team members, Mackenzie Terry, Director of Marketing and Alliances at evolv, shared her perspective on the event.

“Participating in the Women in Business Awards was an empowering experience that offered not only fantastic networking opportunities but also sparked progressive discussions on business leadership, team dynamics, personal growth, and the evolving role of women in the business landscape. One conversation that particularly stood out was the redefinition of the true value one brings to a business. This discussion wasn’t just enlightening for my personal development, but it also provided insightful perspectives on how we can approach our day-to-day interactions, structure our organizations, and satisfy our client’s needs more effectively.”

“evolv’s sponsorship and participation in such events like the Women in Business Awards underlines our commitment to fostering leadership diversity, promoting collaboration, and facilitating engaging discussions. These initiatives will undoubtedly propel us further as an organization, enabling us to lead in areas like leadership diversity, client delivery, and cultural transformation.”

At evolv Consulting, we understand the importance of these opportunities, such as the Women in Business Awards, to bring our leadership and team members together to participate. It’s through these vital conversations, collaborations, and engagements that we can continue to grow and evolve as an organization, leading the way in leadership diversity, client delivery, and navigating cultural shifts.

Learn more about the 2023 honorees here: