Our Leaders

evolv Leadership Team

Eric Neef

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Passion for Culture

A passionate leader who believes in putting evolv Team Members first so they can put our clients’ best interests in the forefront of their thoughts and actions.  Eric doesn’t believe in ‘creating culture’ he believes in having the right Team Members at evolv where the culture organically develops.  Eric brings a relationship-first approach to the evolv team and his clients.  Previously having served in leadership at Slalom  Consulting and client delivery roles with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and others, Eric is focused on creating and refining the vision for evolv though attracting the best Team Members to live out our values as well creating the right relationships with clients and partnerships for evolv’s long term sustainability. 

Mike Bogda

Co-Founder & Chief Consulting Officer

Passion for Consulting

Mike leads client advocacy, strategy, and solution development and delivery for evolv.  He and his team consult with our clients on improving their businesses, growing their teams, and adding value to their work lives.  He is a long-term relationship-oriented leader with 25 years of strategic portfolio and account leadership, program and product management, process and technology integration, and organizational effectiveness and change management.  Mike’s career roots include Accenture, ABA, and Slalom Consulting where he led the Markets team prior to co-founding evolv with Eric.

Greg Taylor

Chief Digital & Chief Operating Officer

Passion for Growth

Coming to evolv with a growth and servant leader mindset, Greg brings his 20+ years of business and technology consulting experience as evolv looks to continue its rapid expansion into 2022.  Greg’s focus on helping organizations and individuals achieve their next level goals and aspirations continues to be his number one focus.  He believes that empowering others is the fastest path to achieving mutually aligned goals.  Greg will continue leading the development and expansion of evolv’s technical consulting capabilities with a focus on cloud first technologies and platforms.  Greg comes to evolv after a decade of building multiple teams at Slalom Consulting and previously Hitachi Consulting.

Trisha Arnold

Managing Director, Talent Operations

Passion for People

Dynamic and motivated Talent Acquisition Leader with a proven record of building strong and dynamic teams of subject matter experts that exemplify our core values. Expertise in growing and managing talent acquisition processes from beginning to end, attracting and retaining top talent, and creating cross functional teams that are able to exceed the needs of business partners and clients. Trisha has extensive experience with both strategic and volume recruiting within multiple industries; specifically hiring 5-to-20 high performing individuals, ranging in technical/professional experience, on a weekly basis when needed. Her transparency and problem-solving skills allow evolv to maintain a culture centered around our Team Members.

Jimmy Cordy

Managing Director, Market Development

Passion for Stewardship

Jimmy comes to evolv with a deep love of building teams, partnering with clients, and empowering emerging leaders to maximize their potential. He does this with his uniquely straightforward, authentic and caring approach to solving problems. Jimmy brings more than 25 years of consulting and entrepreneurial experience across multiple industries. His passion for stewardship is evidenced by his desire to build a lasting organization, give back, and provide a special place of belonging to team members.Jimmy started his career with Accenture, grew his love for building teams at multiple start-ups and growing consulting firms, and pioneered a new market for Point B before most recently leading a regional and national client partner and industry group for Cognizant’s Microsoft Business Group.

Trent Foley

Managing Director, Technology Solutions

Passion for Excellence

Building on 20 years of experience as a technology leader and consultant, Trent has delivered innovative and high-impact solutions in the finance, healthcare, and defense industries.  He brings a cloud-first approach to designing, building, and deploying enterprise-scale solutions.  He is passionate about helping clients conceptualize and deliver high-quality solutions with modern practices and architectures.  Trent’s expertise includes leading application development efforts, application modernization, micro-service architecture, API development and integration, and data modeling and analytics.  He is on a mission to build the dream team of technology consultants, pursuing creative and innovative techniques to attract, develop and retain the top tier of like-minded professionals that relentlessly pursue excellence.

Mackenzie Terry

Director, Strategic Growth & Partnerships

Passion for Problem Solving

Energetic and passionate self starter; sales, marketing, and alliance leader with demonstrated track record of building and maintaining strategic relationships across industries, geographies, and partners. Mackenzie’s experience maximizing growth, client satisfaction, and revenue has greatly impacted our culture of collaboration and emphasis on personal connection. Her strong sense of urgency and meticulous attention to detail allow her to fuel our high-growth environment while balancing immediate client needs. She has a zeal for empowering women in technology and is proud to be part of a firm that does the same.

Christine Murphy

Director, Client Development

Passion for Client Success

Driven consultant and client leader with proven experience delivering innovative solutions to maximize efficiency and business benefit. Christine is known for her quality delivery while going above and beyond for her clients to ensure they are hitting their goals while building lasting relationships. She is a passionate advocate of business technology convergence, agile methodologies, and realization for continuous process improvement.  Christine’s focus on client success and delivery has directly contributed to evolv’s growth and culture of doing what is best for our clients.

Steve Young

Strategic Alliances Manager

Passion for Connections

Born and raised in Texas, Steve’s relationship-based nature is part of his DNA, driving him to invite and connect friends, clients, and neighbors with similar interests and challenges. His Father was always the neighborhood party planer and welcoming agent, and Steve carries that philosophy through life. He believes building trust and transparency is what fuels connections and he’s happy to add value anywhere along the way; helping your business, career, company, colleague, boss, etc. Steve uses the “connect the dots” mentality to see how he can connect people, ultimately impacting their careers and lives.

Board of Advisors

Paul Shultz

South Region General Manager (Retired), Slalom Consulting

Passion for Achievement

Paul was formerly an Executive Committee member and South Regional GM at Slalom. For 8 years, Eric and Mike were key parts of Paul’s leadership team there. His priority is helping guide the evolution of a large, people-centric consulting business with evolv. Paul has also held executive positions at Protiviti, Hitachi and Andersen Business Consulting.

Matt Bieri

SVP and Chief Information Officer (Retired), Tyler Technologies

Passion for Mentoring

Matt joined Tyler in 2010 as Chief Information Office and in February 2020 was named the Dallas ORBIE CIO of the Year. Previously he served as Chief Information Officer at A.H. Belo Corporation, where he handled the company’s enterprise-wide technology initiatives. Before joining Belo, he held various executive roles including global delivery for EDS’ human resources outsourcing organization, The Feld Group, Raytheon and CSC.