inclusion, equity & diversity

Our Commitment

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity are not just words used for marketing and measurement at evolv.

We believe the order of the words matters.

We believe that we should lead change in our industry by:

– First, Inclusion: We believe in being inclusive of all people regardless or gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age or any attribute not relevant to job performance.  Additionally, we believe it is important for inclusivity to be meaningful that we expand our reach and connection outside of our traditional and historical circles.

– Second, Equity:  We believe in creating a fair and just opportunity for all and an environment where everyone is treated fairly and justly and on a level ground.

Finally, Diversity: We believe diversity is a measurement of how well we are doing at the Inclusion and Equity.  When we measure what we’re doing well and learn from areas we need to improve upon, our diversity will reflect not just a company but a world that is more inclusive where all people are treated fairly.