Who we are

our vision.

to improve the world through human connection.

our mission.

to be the consulting firm of choice because of our authentic focus on relationships.

our story.

At evolv, we believe first and foremost that consulting should be about our clients—not us—finding solutions that fit the clients’ needs rather than problems that fit our solutions.  evolv was founded with a desire to get back to the basics, which means meeting the client where they are and working on the projects they have a desire to work on.  We do this while bringing both expertise and a fresh perspective to novel and persistent business challenges.


In order to achieve this, we listen intently, break down silos, are extremely flexible and easy to work with, and most importantly, we bring the right Team Members to solve our clients’ needs as they define them, not as we hope they are defined. This means a people-first approach both with our clients and our Team Members. We know that setting our Team Members up for success by matching their skills and interests with client needs and culture results in our clients achieving their best outcomes.  

We have great passion and love for what we do, for our team, for our clients and for winning together!

Core Values

Below are the core values of evolv as defined by the evolv Team Members





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