Enhanced Customer Experience through Accelerated LOS Implementation



Supreme Lending, a national mortgage lender with presence in all 50 states, desired to implement a new Loan Origination System to improve its customer’s experience, modernize its technology, and to maintain compliance. The new system supported every business group from Origination to Servicing to Capital Markets, including 1,500 Loan Officers and 200+ Branches. This all required implementation within 6 months, a record timeframe in the industry for this type of project.


Beginning with Strategy and Program Management support, evolv closely partnered with Supreme’s Executive Leadership Team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current and desired future states, and the downstream impacts of each. evolv partnered with Leadership, IT, Operations, Product, PMO, Business Intelligence, and Branch teams along with multiple vendors, 3rd party service providers, and end-users.


Our work included leadership of planning, execution, testing and acceptance of the LOS implementation with a project team of 120. Through alignment across all stakeholders, the team developed a clear definition of urgency which enabled real-time prioritization of critical and time sensitive items, down to the day/hour. This well-communicated, agile approach can be credited with the remarkable project timeline.


2,500 users were trained and live on the new Loan Origination System in record time, in compliance, and taking advantage of efficiencies and an enhanced system with no down time. In addition to successful implementation within the critical, accelerated timeline, the lender realized an average of 45-60 minutes saved per loan file.