Financial Institution improves vendor and contract management process to secure bank charter approval


The FinTech firm had experienced significant expansion and growth but it’s policies, procedures, and infrastructure had not kept pace with its growth; this put them out of compliance and at risk of being denied a Bank Charter. They needed a more robust supplier lifecycle (SLM) and contract lifecycle management (CLM) tool to support the maturation of policies and procedures for TPRM.

In addition to tool implementation support, the client required guidance on how to cultivate more sophisticated SLM and CLM inclusive of full Change Management efforts to implement a governance model and realize the benefits of a solution that could scale.


evolv led the team responsible for designing, building, and successfully implementing the SLM and CLM tool in parallel with the maturation of policies and procedures; performing a detailed discovery to facilitate the design, being the liaison between the product and the business, supporting the change management for implementation and becoming tool SMEs for continued support post-implementation.

The evolv team collaborated with the client’s enterprise risk, cybersecurity, privacy, legal, procurement, and accounting teams to understand each workstreams’ requirements and partnered with the SLM and CLM tool architects to create an overall product vision and roadmap.


  • Approval of Federal Bank Charter
  • Successful tool launch resulting in significant processing time improvement by way of process re-design and automation
  • Decreased supplier onboarding and contract execution processing time by 47% and 30%, respectfully
  • Change management and training leadership for all end-users (400+) in advance of and post launch
  • Integration with other eGRC tools to support full lifecycle of Regulatory Requirements