Digital Transformation at National Health Insurer

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health insurance client


A leading, member-owned health insurance company needed a CICD process for promoting code from development and testing workspaces to higher levels, such as production. To improve upon their manual cloud infrastructure, the client required a pipeline to deploy Infrastructure as Code (IaC) securely while also implementing version control processes.

tech stack used

action plan

To promote infrastructure automation via Azure Synapse Analytics, evolv introduced additional enhancements to provide client with desired functionality and security enhancements.

Python was employed to develop a CLI application that matched the features of Microsoft solutions for Synapse CI/CD, while a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline was meticulously designed to securely oversee code and infrastructure deployment. Additionally, an extensive Terraform framework was architected and documented, with multiple Terraform modules constructed to establish infrastructure for crucial projects. Moreover, comprehensive client training sessions were conducted covering all implemented processes.



Developed a Python CLI application matching Microsoft’s Synapse CI/CD solutions.


Designed a secure Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for code and infrastructure deployment management.


Architected and documented a Terraform framework, building multiple modules for critical project infrastructure, and provided comprehensive client training.


Orchestrated seamless integration

of Terraform, Jenkins, Azure Cloud, Azure Synapse, Python, CICD Methodology, GitHub Enterprise, and CyberArk Conjur, ensuring a cohesive and efficient automation framework.

Empowered the client with comprehensive tools and strategies

for securely automating Azure Infrastructure, bolstering Synapse Development processes, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Conducted thorough client training sessions

on all implemented technologies and methodologies, equipping stakeholders with the necessary skills to leverage the implemented solutions effectively and independently.

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