Enhancing Revenue and Productivity with Updated Reporting Platforms in the Logistics Industry

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enabling data reporting while reinforcing operational excellence


Worldwide Express (WWEX), a leading global logistics company, faced the challenge of creating a unified reporting platform after acquiring several competitors. They were dealing with a complex tech stack involving several disparate data sources and duplicative reporting tools.​

To tackle these challenges, WWEX partnered with evolv to streamline and enhance its data reporting capabilities.

tech stack used

action plan

As part of this collaboration, evolv leveraged the power of Power BI, a cutting-edge visualization tool, to consolidate multiple data sources into comprehensive reports. Working closely with reporting users, evolv delved into the details of how the data would be used to ensure the reports provided optimal user experience.​

By harnessing the capabilities of Power BI and implementing a single, user-optimized reporting portal, the partnership between WWEX and evolv aimed to empower data-driven decision making and drive business success.​



Utilize Power BI to merge diverse data sources into unified reports.


Collaborate with end-users to tailor reports for optimal usability.


Establish a centralized reporting portal to enhance data-driven decision-making for business advancement.


Enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness

by centralizing data sources, migrating from Tableau Server, and implementing self-service reports with RBAC in Power BI.

Facilitated informed decision-making and revenue growth

through the integration of market data with internal datasets from WWEX and its acquired companies.

Promoted unified analytics and innovation

by providing WWEX leadership with a consolidated platform for data analysis, utilizing advanced techniques like star schema modeling and Microsoft’s Fabric Lakehouse feature for massive data processing.

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