Enhancing Healthcare Solutions through Advanced Data Management and Analytics

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Unleashing the Potential of Healthcare Data through analytics


Vizient, Inc., the foremost member-driven healthcare performance improvement company in the United States, serves a vast majority of the nation’s acute care providers and academic medical centers. With their expertise, analytics, advisory services, and a contract portfolio representing $130B in annual purchasing volume, they are a driving force in the healthcare sector. However, to further amplify their mission to drive performance improvement, they sought to unlock the full potential of healthcare data analytics. This required a strategic collaboration with an experienced partner, which led them to evolv.

tech stack used

action plan

evolv joined forces with Vizient, collaborating closely to ensure project success. The primary goal was to deliver a pilot for the internal Data Product Marketplace, a platform that would enable cross-data source analytics by identifying relevant datasets.



Developed an initial proof of concept that demonstrated the feasibility of building the required suite of tech solutions.


Implemented leading-edge tools such as Azure Data Factory and Starburst to establish the internal Data Product Marketplace.


Ensured data security and governance, which is paramount in the healthcare industry, by forming strategic partnerships with Immuta and other data protection providers.


Lowered Data Storage Costs

Delta compression reduces storage requirements, which led to significant cost savings, particularly in situations where large datasets were involved. On average between all the datasets gathered, compression was around 8 to 1.

Improved Data Transfer Efficiency

Through the project, we significantly improved data load performance and refresh times by up to 90% with the compressed Delta files, greatly enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Enhanced Data Governance and Compliance

With the centralized architecture, there was an opportunity to implement robust data governance and compliance measures. By establishing these practices, the organization can manage access controls, reduce risks, and ensure regulatory compliance, thereby enhancing overall data management and trustworthiness.


In conclusion, evolv’s strategic approach and expertise in data & analytics have not only revolutionized healthcare data analytics for Vizient but also positioned them for future, long-term success.

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