Introducing Luxury Driving Participants to Web3

mobility client


The mobility intelligence arm for a major international automotive corporation needed a digital asset platform to securely provide nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to their luxury driving school participants. Upon completion of the course event, participants received an NFT incorporating personalized statistics and driving metrics embedded in the digital artwork.


  • Researched various blockchain solutions and digital wallets that would best meet requirements and industry standards
  • Worked closely with the client’s IT team and key stakeholders (including AWS) to define the data sources, design the architecture, security structure, and the development of the smart contract and user wallet structure
  • Provided leadership for the team responsible for planning, managing and successfully executing the development of the claims portal
  • Completed dry run testing on the local headquarters track
  • Set and tracked progress on milestone achievements and client deliverables to provide transparency to key stakeholders
  • Upon soft launch, conducted interviews with beta testers and documented their experience with the claims portal site and NFT receival process


  • Completed successful implementation of the client claims portal and soft launch of NFTs to beta testers
  • Upon successful completion of the client hard launch / general public release, our team improved user experience with personalized footage of participants on the NFT
  • Deployed a pausible smart contract allowing secure minting of NFTs only when the contract is programmatically unpaused
  • Generated non-custodial wallets for the participants
  • Developed CICD pipelines for deploying AWS resources
  • Building auto-ingestion frameworks via a data entry application to allow seamless data integration of the participant vehicular stats and art generation process
  • Established accessible BI analytics reporting via Jira and the claims portal dashboard