Rethinking Premium Experiences: Refreshing the Value of Arena Ticket Sales

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United Center aimed to boost the growth and retention of their premium sports and entertainment luxury suite purchases by enhancing their products and experiences. They noticed a decline in renewals for their Premium Luxury Boxes, which led to an in-depth exploration of the reasons behind this trend. United Center also focused on understanding the evolving dynamics of luxury premium experiences and the competitive landscape within their market and across other cities in the United States. With their data-driven insights and innovative strategies, evolv helped United Center identify key areas for improvement and implement effective solutions.

action plan

evolv conducted extensive research to understand the desires and changing needs of United Centers’ customers and explore the competitive landscape in luxury experiences. We interviewed various customer groups, including current, non-renewal, and potential premium box customers. Surveys were distributed across four customer segments, aiming to understand post-COVID behaviors in sports entertainment and how spending habits evolved. Furthermore, we tested new product ideas and suite packages.

In addition to these efforts, we organized a focus group with local luxury party planners, delving into their challenges and evolving needs for corporate events. This comprehensive approach provided valuable insights for United Centers to make informed decisions based on customer preferences and market trends.



Conducted interviews with diverse customer groups to gather insights into their evolving needs and preferences.


Distributed surveys across multiple customer segments to analyze post-COVID behaviors and spending habits.


Organized focus groups with local luxury event planners to understand their challenges and requirements for corporate events.


Created comprehensive customer segments

and formulate three detailed personas for United Center, strategically informing tailored marketing and sales strategies to better resonate with the diverse needs and preferences of the audience.

Identified innovative additions for luxury suite packages

and suggested redesigned suite spaces to align with the evolving preferences of both corporate clients and individual consumers when it comes to hosting and entertaining. Customers identify a desire to have multiple suite options and a combination of different events in their rental and purchasing packages.

Proposed strategies for optimizing the website

and identified social media opportunities, and crafting targeted marketing campaigns to effectively attract and engage customers. Additionally, recommended a Customer-First approach using data and implement a Voice of the Customer program to consistently monitor behaviors and understand customer needs and desires.

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