Strategic Approach to Streamlining EMR Operations & Enhancing UX

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helping a leading Electronic medical record software company expands its services


The nation’s leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software for home health and hospice was expanding their services. It had recently acquired a digital partnership with Swift Medical, the leader in Wound Care Management Technology, with the aim of improving care quality and cost efficiency for their customers. This expansion necessitated an enhanced, HIPAA-compliant integration to their existing system, aimed at streamlining workflows, eliminating double documentation, and expanding mobile app usability. ​

​However, achieving these goals required technical discovery, development expertise, and strategic bridging between technology and software teams. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, this client turned to evolv, known for its proficiency in technical discovery, development and strategic bridging.

action plan

evolv initiated their work with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s existing systems and clinician experience, identifying and prioritizing potential areas for improvement. This helped the client intimately understand their current state, the integration architecture needed, and the full scope of the work ahead of them.

Using these findings, evolv developed a detailed roadmap to integrate the necessary data systems, devising a quick-to-value plan for immediate process improvement in usability and real-time data access. Furthermore, evolv recommended a creative solution the cilent hadn’t yet considered: a simultaneous customized rebuild of PointCare, the client’s mobile app partner. This would allow the company to enhance competitiveness, and user satisfaction, expand system compatibility with multiple device types/brands, solving for all the client’s long-term business pain points.



Assess existing systems and clinician experience, identifying areas for improvement and understanding integration needs.


Develop a roadmap to integrate data systems, improve usability, and recommend a customized rebuild of PointCare.


Execute the roadmap, integrating systems, implementing improvements, and rebuilding PointCare to solve long-term business challenges.


Streamlined operations & processes

resulting in reduced operational costs & increased efficiency by minimizing time spent on administrative tasks, decreasing the potential for errors, & allowing maximized time for patient care.

Enhanced user experience and productivity

by developing a seamless interface to simplify data management & configuration of vital information storage.

Enabled better decision-making

with real-time access to information, and improved trend analysis for identifying critical problem areas with boosted data integration & syncing capabilities. ​

Reinforced the client's reputation as a leading innovator 

in the healthcare technology industry, positioning them for future success & growth.

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