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Streamlined Logistics Operations with Holistic Digital Transformation Services

Enhance Efficiency, Cut Costs, and Drive Growth with evolv's Program Management Expertise in the Logistics Industry



Worldwide Express (WWEX) is a shipping broker that offers logistical services and discounted shipping rates specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. With strategic partnerships with UPS, over 65 LTL carriers, and approximately 62,000 truckload carriers, WWEX efficiently manages more than 69,000 daily parcel shipments. Moreover, with approximately 70 local offices across the United States, WWEX provides localized support and ensures reliable service nationwide.

WWEX has undergone several acquisitions and mergers, such as Unishippers in 2017 and Global Tranz in 2021. These events have necessitated consolidation efforts across various teams, including software development, system engineering, infrastructure, enterprise applications, and business intelligence. WWEX has placed their trust in evolv to provide assistance with a holistic digital transformation, including strategy work in program management, change leadership, quality assurance, engineering, and data visualization workstreams.


Initially, evolv provided strategic staffing and augmentation services, offering competitive rates based on volume and flexible staffing options for critical workstreams. As evolv progressed, their strategy shifted towards larger initiatives, such as “Public Company Readiness” and “Speed Ship Deployment” for WWEX. They aimed to consistently deliver exceptional results in both staff augmentation roles and project delivery, while also creating opportunities for expansion into solution-based selling and adapting to seasonal demand. Additionally, evolv’s maintenance and support teams have provided continuous, long-term maintenance for WWEX’s critical systems.


  • Achieved multi-million-dollar cost savings through strategic IT Program Management, leveraging a hybrid cloud data strategy & consolidating licensing fees.
  • Enabled full deployment of a next-generation Transportation Management System (Speed Ship QA) – the client’s primary revenue source – ensuring business continuity & growth.
  • Guaranteed reliable and trustworthy data through Reporting QA, empowering informed decision-making & driving operational excellence.
  • Boosted operational efficiency with Change Leadership, reducing the number of ticketing service vendors from 5 to just 2, streamlining processes & cutting costs.
  • Empowered stakeholders with Data Visualization tools, facilitating data-driven decisions and addressing logistics & supply chain challenges head-on.