Streamlining Reporting for Compliance and Migration

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optimizing credit reporting to ensure accuracy and compliance,
while seamlessly migrating data to Snowflake


A rapidly-growing Financial Technology client partnered with evolv to optimize their Credit Bureau Reporting (CBR), with a specific focus on the critical “Metro2” component, a standardized format used by financial institutions for reporting customer credit information. With a long-standing history of project success, the client trusted evolv to solve for both immediate and long-term, sustainable processes. 

The project scope had two primary objectives: first, to ensure monthly reporting of the client’s personal loan holder information to credit reporting agencies through workflow automation; and second, to migrate data from legacy systems to Snowflake without disrupting business continuity.

tech stack used

action plan

evolv worked closely with their client to establish a streamlined, accurate, and automated process for gathering and submitting information on personal loan holders to credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, Transunion) using the unified and standardized Metro2 format.

The team ensured that the data submitted was compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) to maintain accuracy, integrity, and reliability in credit reports.

evolv additionally devised a detailed plan to transfer data from the client’s legacy systems to the Snowflake platform, aiming to minimize disruption to daily operations and maintain business continuity.

By using intentional and thorough collaboration, evolv identified all potential challenges during the migration process and provided guidance on addressing these issues effectively.



Developed automations using the standardized Metro2 format, creating a streamlined process for gathering and submitting information.


Ensured compliance by confirmed that submitted data met FCRA and FACTA requirements to maintain validity and integrity.


Created a detailed data transfer plan to transfer data from a legacy system to Snowflake.


Successfully streamlined reporting process

Created a more efficient & reliable system for submitting creditworthiness information to credit reporting agencies, ensuring compliance with industry standards & regulations.

Achieved a seamless migration

By transferring data from the legacy platform to Snowflake without disruption, business continuity was preserved, & the client’s data management capabilities significantly improved.

Enhanced data integrity

By adopting the Metro2 format & ensuring compliance with FCRA and FACTA, accuracy and reliability of credit reports for personal loan holders improved.

Future-proofed infrastructure

with the successful migration to Snowflake, positioning the client for long-term growth, enabling better scalability & adaptability as they continue to expand their lending products & services.

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