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Snowflake Cortex LLM Functions Moves to General Availability

evolv today is thrilled to announce the General Availability of Snowflake Cortex, a groundbreaking advancement in AI technology. As an Elite Services partner with Snowflake, we offer unmatched expertise to empower clients to leverage this innovative platform.

Snowflake Cortex is a cutting-edge, fully-managed service that provides access to premier large language models (LLMs). With its launch into General Availability, users can now seamlessly integrate generative AI with their governed data in a secure environment. While Snowflake ensures optimal model performance and GPU infrastructure for cost efficiency, our clients can focus on building AI applications.

Our high-tech services guarantee access to advanced LLMs like Snowflake Arctic, Llama 3, and Reka-Core, along with support to harness their efficient, user-friendly, and reliable generative AI capabilities for our clients.

evolv, with a deep understanding of Cortex’s functionalities, assists clients in effectively utilizing its offerings. This includes Llama Guard, a model integrated with Snowflake Arctic to filter out potentially harmful content from LLM prompts and responses, promoting a safer and more efficient user experience.

With data security and governance as our top priorities, we are proud to offer solutions within the Snowflake security framework. We’re dedicated to helping organizations efficiently deploy generative AI applications while minimizing costs.

Why wait? Partner with evolv today, and let us unlock the full potential of Snowflake’s Cortex, now in General Availability for you!