Snowflake Co-Pilot

Accelerating Efficiency with Snowflake’s AI-Powered Co-Pilot

Reducing Development Time with an LLM-Powered Co-Pilot

To combat the hurdles reducing development efficiency, SoFi leveraged a generative ai application completely contained within Snowflake to securely accelerate access to enterprise data, improving procedural adherence and analyst productivity. Snowpark Container Services and the Cortex AI Suite allowed us to deploy within the Snowpark environment, passing along the advantages of Snowflake’s built-in data governance and security, compute and cluster maintenance, and access to vector data types for a RAG architecture to train LLM for an intelligent and scalable application. By training the model on the complete spectrum of the company’s data, including project documentation, process guidelines, database structure, and data dictionaries, we created a robust system capable of understanding and responding to a wide array of internal queries; reducing the time employees spent searching for information, and increasing the time available for meaningful development work.