Don’t Make This Mistake with your AWS Migration

Businesses are moving to the cloud to unlock its many benefits – cost-savings, speed, comfort, and more. However, companies need to have the right expertise for a smooth transition. Many companies try to move to AWS alone and run into trouble, derailing their plans. That’s why over 90% of Fortune 100 and most Fortune 500 companies use AWS Services Partners, like evolv, to manage their projects securely. Specifically, companies should consider consultancies that specialize in customized architectural guidance in order to leverage the best practices in the AWS Solutions Library to deliver tangible outcomes that accelerate business benefits for a broad range of industry and technology use cases.

Robinhood, Uber, and CapitalOne are all examples of organizations with significant issues during their AWS migrations due to a lack of knowledge and expertise with the system.

  • In 2020, Robinhood reported a service disruption across its platform for two days. Users were not able to buy or sell any trades on the platform during that time. A $9.9 million settlement is still ongoing, while tarnishing the brands reputation.
  • When Uber tried to migrate to AWS, the project was halted due to a major outage that took down the entire system for several hours. The outage was caused by a misconfiguration, which could have been avoided with better knowledge and expertise with the AWS platform.
  • In 2019, Capital One suffered a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of over 100 million customers. The root cause of the breach was attributed to a misconfigured firewall on an AWS server that was hosting the company’s credit card application.

These failed AWS migrations serve as cautionary tales for companies looking to move to the cloud. With professional guidance and expertise, companies can avoid potential financial losses, reputation damage, lost revenue, and expensive rebuilding efforts. Research done by AWS, IDC, and Forrester have found that:

  • Using experienced consultants can help applications run an average of 37% faster and allow for ease of access, significantly lower operating costs.
  • Save nearly $2.9 million in management infrastructure cost by leveraging experienced consultants with the necessary management tools that enable organizations. By creating or buying infrastructure management tools such as patches, updates, or backup solutions can lead to increased infrastructure costs if companies lead cloud operations on their own.
  • Reduce costs of a major security breach by $1 million. Experienced consultants can supply a major uplift to the security posture and reduce the chance of a major security breach.

While AWS offers greater flexibility and scalability, the migration process should be approached with caution. Partnering with expert, experienced consulting firms, like evolv, is essential for a smooth transition, as they can seek to understand their client’s business initiatives and translate those needs to a cloud transformation strategy, not the other way around. With many proven projects and a team of unmatched experience, evolv leads you through your cloud migration and application rationalization, ultimately enabling a secure environment for your unique needs.

We prioritize benefit realization, cloud-native technologies, and CI/CD principles to drive faster business outcomes in a repeatable way.  Our clients are left with the knowledge and tools to embrace a cloud-first mindset and continue realizing the benefits, even when our work is done,” says Trent Foley, Managing Director of Technology Solutions for evolv Consulting.


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