Enabling Growth through Insights Across a Segmented Partner Network

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Cloud Migration Project Management for Dental Practice Network


A dental partnership organization (DPO) rapidly growing by acquiring partners, needed a comprehensive, fully cloud-based digital strategy to unify their acquisitions. Ultimately this aided their strategy to thoughtfully improve speed-to-decision for ideal future partner acquisitions in a fast-paced, dynamic market, with intention and quality control.

They desired an enterprise-wide reporting platform, both accurate and consistent across partners leveraging varied business processes and dental management software. This platform would need to drive accurate, comprehensive, and timely insights on partner performance through complete data ingestion pipelines, transformation workflows, and a performant data warehouse backing the analytics platform for insight consumption. 

action plan

To support their small but growing team, evolv introduced a user friendly, cloud data platform to meet the client’s analytical needs while minimizing disaster recovery, maintenance and administration without interrupting their current operations.



Developed a scalable solution, enhancing Imagen’s role and reinforcing the IT team to establish a secure EDW and cloud environment.


Provided leadership for the data warehouse development team, monitoring key milestones and client deliverables.


Improved data ingestion using automation and generated crucial business reports.


  • Uncovered actionable insights through common data models across constituent partners.

  • Improved data transfer efficiency with consistency and accuracy across multiple partner variances.

  • Improved data accessibility while maintaining stringent data compliance and security.

  • Increased speed of analysis for dynamic market and partner trends.

  • Streamlined onboarding of newly acquired dental clinics and offices to less than one day.

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