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evolv Consulting Announces a New Offering that Unlocks Business Outcomes for Clients Through Data-cloud Enabled Insights, Innovation, and Data-driven Decision-making

Partner Momentum Continues to Increase with evolv’s Forward-thinking Cloud Data Design and Development, Accelerating Clients’ Speed-to-value at any Stage of the Cloud Migration Journey

evolv Consulting, today at Data for Breakfast Houston, announces the launch of a suite of offerings featuring their proprietary accelerator frameworks specific to Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company. This innovative set of offerings advances evolv’s initiative to enable clients to unlock business outcomes, now in half the time by leveraging the full power of the Data Cloud.

evolv Consulting, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is a firm specializing in bringing innovative technology solutions, expertise, and fresh perspectives to its clients’ emerging and traditional business challenges. “Meeting clients where they are and driving forward-thinking design and development is the most important capability and responsibility of our Team Members,” says Eric Neef, CEO of evolv Consulting. “Our offerings are critical in helping clients to capitalize on the near-infinite resources of the cloud.”

One of evolv’s migration accelerators is dedicated specifically for clients to move workloads into Snowflake’s recently launched developer framework, ‘Snowpark.’ “Snowpark enables the intersection of data engineering and machine learning operations; eliminating the need to export data and rely on external software, and instead giving customers complete control of their data in a more cost-efficient, powerful, and inherently more secure solution,” explains Jim Theologes, Principal Machine Learning Consultant for evolv. evolv is committed to investing in a one-to-one workload comparison measuring cost reduction, increased speed, and enhanced security for each client or prospect, further demonstrating the power of the platform.

By plugging into evolv’s metadata-driven accelerator framework, clients receive the benefit of migration time and effort cut in half, saving time and money in engineering efforts, and helping them realize the value of the data cloud more quickly. “Our metadata-driven frameworks will make unlimited and unprecedented performance and scalability possible for our clients,” says Greg Taylor, COO of evolv. “With the firm’s breadth across technology, strategy, adoption, and change management, evolv is uniquely positioned to help companies execute digital transformations.”