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Healthcare and Technology: Is it secure? Growing tech trends in Healthcare depend on it.

In the two years that the pandemic hit the United States, it’s undeniable that it has brought about new challenges within the healthcare industry. Industry trends are indicating that Telehealth, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Medical Things are amongst the most important tools and technologies that will shape the future of healthcare.

Besides the obvious reasons why telehealth was useful during the pandemic, it’s also important to address why it will remain a powerful tool in other aspects of healthcare outside of infectious disease control. An example of this is how telehealth will bridge the gap between providers, who mostly practice in major cities throughout the United States, and patients in rural areas of the US, where there has been a well-known healthcare disparity.

Amongst the many ways that technology will change the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence will greatly influence many areas including preventative medicine and public health. AI will provide powerful knowledge to providers and payers on predicting when and where illnesses will occur, predicting when outbreaks of infectious diseases will occur, as well as predicting the influence that lifestyle factors have on different types of populations based on social determinants of health such as socioeconomic status, geographical location, age, gender, etc.

Lastly, with the rapid increase of wearable devices providing real time health data, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will provide several advantages in the healthcare industry. Some of these advantages including providing remote patient monitoring and allowing providers to assess their patient’s health more accurately.

With the growing use of technology in how provider’s treat patients, to wearable devices that provides patient medical data in real time, etc. it’s now more important than ever to address ongoing challenges related to the security of our health data.

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About the author: Coming from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies, Ola Alsahhar brings along with her years of experience in the Healthcare industry. Her knowledge includes the fields of public health and healthcare systems while her experience encompasses providing patient care, extensive experience with EHR systems, and healthcare consulting.