D CEO Women’s Leadership Symposium 2022

evolv Team Members sponsored and joined D CEO’s Women’s Leadership Symposium last month, held in-person for the first time since 2019. The half-day, in-person event, “Reframe. Reset. Reconnect,” featured 10+ dynamic speakers who are championing women in the workplace—and beyond.

Hannah Sviontek, evolv Consultant and Team Lead, shared her perspective of the event.

“Being part of the D CEO Women’s Leadership Symposium was an inspiring opportunity that provided not only amazing networking but sparked forward-thinking conversations on business leadership, team and personal negotiations, and cultural shifts in the workplace. But perhaps, the most thought-provoking conversation was re-evaluating what true value one brings into business. This topic wasn’t only enlightening for my personal life, but an insightful evaluation into how we can approach our day-to-day interactions, how we structure organizations, and how we can provide for our client’s needs.

evolv valuing these opportunities such as the symposium, to bring leadership and team members to the table to participate, allows and furthers important conversations, collaboration, and engagements that will only propel us further as an organization to lead in leadership diversity, client delivery and through cultural shifts.”