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Data Solutions Consulting: Wearing Multiple Hats

Most Data Solutions Consultants are like handymen.  Handymen (or handywoman) can clean gutters, install a light fixture, or grease a squeaky door hinge. They do work that improves the quality of our largest investment – our homes – by focusing on immediate issues.

A good home improvement specialist, though, will not only listen to their client carefully, he or she will do an inspection for problems that may not be visible on the surface. They will not just paint over moldy drywall; they will cut it out and repair the leaky pipe that resides behind it.

Like their home improvement counterparts, Data Solutions Consultants focus on perceived and unperceived needs. They can map out the logical processes that occur within an organization, explore data that is being produced and consumed internally and externally, and author reports and dashboards. They can even build predictive models using machine learning methods that can help aid organizations in making informed decisions. And like the home improvement specialists that look below the surface, they can look for foundational data system problems that can impact the health of the overall organization.

In our evolving world, organizations face tough questions on the best way to leverage data and utilize resources to be profitable. Do they apply machine learning to make better decisions? Or is artificial intelligence a better choice? Questions like these require looking deeper into the machinery of the organization – beyond the surface – and understanding the underlying data architecture of the organization.

At evolv consulting, we believe that we are not hired to paint over data problems but to fix the underlying issues to help our clients compete in the current fast-paced environment by making data-driven decisions designed to evolve your organization to its next level.

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